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All Famous Faces busts are reproduced at the Modern Souvenir Workshop in Bath. They are all 12-14 cm high with flat backs and felt bases - great affordable gifts for the historian or monarchist. All busts feature small details around the base and are supplied in a gift box.

Busts of British Monarchs and Leaders

Busts of Famous Literary Figures

From the classics of Shakespeare to romances of Jane Austen and the mysteries of Conan-Doyle, these classic literary figures make perfect gifts for the discerning booklover.

Busts of War Heroes

A collection of iconic figures encapsulating the political history of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Busts of Scientists, Architects and Engineers

These busts are a celebration of some of the greatest artistic and scientific pioneers of our time

Busts and Figures from Antiquity

These classical figures symbolise the mythology and politics of Ancient Greece and Rome.