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All Famous Faces are priced at £7.80 / RRP £20. Minimum Order Quantity is 3 units.

Adam Smith (Height 13cm)

Boudica (Height 13cm)

Charles Rennie Mackintosh (Height 13cm)

Duke of Wellington (Height 13cm)

 Brunel (Height 14cm)

 Henry VIII (Height 13cm)

 Oliver Cromwell (Height 12cm)

Queen Elizabeth II (Height 13cm)

Sherlock Holmes (Height 13cm)

William Shakespeare (Height 12cm)

Aphrodite (Height 14cm)

Charles Darwin (Height 12cm)

Christopher Wren (Height 13cm)

Ernest Shackleton (Height 13cm)

Jane Austen (Height 13cm)

 Lord Admiral Nelson (Height 12cm)

Oscar Wilde (Height 12cm)

Queen Victoria (Height 14cm)

William the Conqueror (Height 14cm)

Winston Churchill (Height 12cm)

Athena (Height 14cm)

Charles Dickens (Height 13cm)

Cleopatra (Height 13cm)

Hadrian (Height 14cm)

Charles I (Height 13cm)

 Lord Kitchener (Height 14cm)

 Queen Elizabeth I (Height 13cm)

Robert Burns (Height 12cm)

William Morris (Height 12cm)