Modern Souvenir Co to feature on Kirstie Allsopps Handmade Christmas TONIGHT 8pm Channel 4

Last month we were approached by award winning, independent television company Raise the Roof Productions during their search for a new and interesting craft to feature in the upcoming show.

During the show, Kirstie works with Modern Souvenir sculptor and Creative Project Coordinator Charlotte Hern to produce a five-pointed star tree decoration using the moulding and casting process. Together they produce one segment of the star, create a mould and produce five casts to form the complete star. The aim of the task is to show viewers how to produce unique, beautiful decorations at home. 

The TV appearance coincides with the firm's new brand launch last week - changing from Revival Arts of Bath to Modern Souvenir. 

We were delighted that Kirstie’s production team chose to visit Modern Souvenir as one of the leading traditional craft workshops in the South-West. Kirstie was fascinated by the processes we use and entered wholeheartedly into the spirit of creating original, miniature works of art for the Christmas home!
— Stephen Spencer - Head of Brand and Business Development

NEW Famous Faces coming soon

Charlotte is currently working hard to finish some brand new busts to add to the collection. Over the next few months we will be adding...

  Sir Christopher Wren                 Boudica                          Hadrian                       Sherlock Holmes

The Waterloo 200 project

The National Army Museum have compiled a guide to 2015's bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo. Visit the site here 

There you can explore the stories behind the epic battle, and find full listings of all the commemorative events and exhibitions across the UK.

Commemorate the great battle with our Duke of Wellington Bust available from the Famous Faces Section of our website.

Waterloo 200 events

MANY MORE events available to view on the Waterloo 200 website here.

2015: A year remembering WWII and perhaps our 'greatest Briton'?

This year marks several important anniversaries -

50th Anniversary of Churchills death - 30th January

"On 8 May 1945 Winston Churchill stood on a Whitehall balcony and addressed the excited crowd below. "In all our long history," he said, "we have never seen a greater day than this." Churchill had stood against Hitler and won – the day was his.

Half a century on from his death, Churchill is considered by many to be the greatest Briton. But his legacy didn't always look so secure. From trouble at school to errors in office, Churchill's path to greatness was often a rocky one."

David Cameron pays personal tribute to Sir Winston Churchill at Westminster Hall on Friday, the 50th anniversary of Churchill's funeral. Cameron traces his relationship with Britain's wartime leader and Churchill's achievements as a politician and figure.

70th Anniversary of VE Day - 8th May

8th May 2015 sees the 70th Anniversary of VE Day, the end of the Second World War in Europe. In this short video The Royal British Legion tells you all you need to know about this historic day.

75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain - 19th July

2015 is the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. To commemorate this and acknowledge the immense sacrifice and bravery of all who fought in the battle the RAF has painted a Typhoon fast jet in a Battle of Britain colour scheme.

New product for The British Museum

The new exhibition Defining Beauty is now open at the British Museum. We have been busy creating new Famous Faces, Aphrodite and Athena for this special exhibition. The busts are now exclusively on sale from the British Museum Shop

Defining beauty: the body in ancient Greek art is the first major temporary exhibition of sculpture at the British Museum since Hadrian: Empire & Conflict in 2008...The exhibition presents some of the most beautiful and best-loved classical sculpture in the Museum’s collection.